Lamb are back!!

They kept it very quiet but we're happy to announce that Andy and Lou are back with album #5 due for release in February 2011. Check out the new official website for more info.


Remix Competition

Hi Everyone..

Just a quick belated note to say a very BIG thanks to everyone involved in the remix competition back in 2005. Unfortunately, the company looking after all our on-line activity at the time collapsed, and we thought everything had been lost. However, due to the miracles of modern technology, the lost files have now been re-located and we're pleased to be able to present them here...

These are the remixes we enjoyed listening to the most from all the entries to the competition but it's important for us to say the general quality of everything sent-in was outstanding. We literally spent two solid days listening to all the mixes, and it was actually a pleasure not a chore :-). So, thanks again to all the remixers for their time, effort, skill and creativity - we hope you enjoy their versions as much as we do. And a big shout out to DJ Dust for hosting them here on his site..

Andy & Lou